About Bobís Woodcrafts
Iíve been crafting things from wood nearly my entire life and it all started when I was just 5 years old.

Back in those days, my grandparents had a summer house on Long Island. When I visited, it always seemed there was some construction or renovation happening, with the entire family doing the work. To keep me from getting in the way, they would give me a pile of scrap wood, some nails, and a few tools. To say the least, the creations I made werenít pretty, but it kept me occupied for hours. It also started me on a life-long love of crafting things from wood.

Today I get my kicks in a small woodworking shop not too far from where my grandparentís summer home stood. The skills Iíve acquired and honed over the years has allowed me to personally handcraft each of the pieces offered. I craft only a limited number of each design so my customers know that they are getting a unique and high quality item they will enjoy for many many years. Each piece is an heirloom, just waiting to be passed on.

To insure the level of craftsmanship expected and deserved by my customers, I hand select each piece of wood used for every item crafted. Only richly colored and beautifully figured woods will make the cut. Plus, Iíll only use superior grade hinges and hardware of solid brass. Once crafted, each piece receives a hand-rubbed oil-varnish finish, which is then buffed to a soft and smooth luster with a protective wax. The finishing process can often take as much time and effort as crafting the item, but that first touch of the silky smooth wood tells you it was all worth it.

As I mentioned, I craft only a limited number of each design, so my pieces are not available in retail stores. They are sold only through my website, Bobs Woodcrafts, through my shop on Etsy, Bobs Woodworks, and at a handful of local craft shows. This allows me to maintain my simple business philosophy, "Quality workmanship at a fair value".†By personally handcrafting each piece, I can continually offer heirloom quality craftsmanship at a fair and reasonable cost.

Thanks for visiting my shop and feel free to contact me if you have a question.

Bob Commisso
© 2016
Bobs Woodcrafts
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