The beautiful chocolate tone of the Walnut, coupled with the contemporary styling of this recipe box, makes it a perfect fit into almost any kitchen.

Featuring great color and figure, the Walnut wood body is nicely accented with contrasting Maple corner keys. The figured Walnut lid is hinged on solid brass posts to smoothly flip-up providing access to hundreds of 4x6 recipe cards. Plus the height of the box allows room for divider tabs above the cards.

For durability, the piece has been finished with multiple coats of a hand-rubbed oil/poly finish, which is then buffed to a soft luster with protective wax. Its dimensions are 7" long, 7" wide, and 5.375" high. Plus every box is labeled, signed and numbered on the underside.

It makes a great gift for somebody special, or as a gift to yourself. It can also be used in the kitchen as a tea box, or in the office as a file box.
Price: $64.95
NOW: $59.95
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Contemporary Walnut
4 x 6 Recipe Box
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